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Pioneer Insider - Ultimate Review

Today, we present the Pioneer Insider. This must be a high-production year for BPMODS.. Despite the new manager, he has been procrastinating with the product. The final product has been perfectly rolled out before everyone.

BP Mods Pioneer Insider

Pioneer Insider overview

Compatible with all Billet Box style Billet Box boro mods. It is a very useful anti-condensate airflow passage.

  • 6ml PCTG clear tank.
  • It is super easy to construct and use an RBA boro.
  • 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5mm airflow pins to fit MTL/RDL/DL, all included in the original package.
  • Two sets of chimney adapters for the Pioneer Insider tank or the original BB tank.

Pioneer RTA Flavor is comparable to Pioneer Flavor and performs even better. Perhaps the most affordable BB Boro anywhere on Earth. 

Pioneer Insider cons

  1. Although the tank is translucent, there is still some distance between the BOXX tank's light transmittance (weight) and the BOXX tank's transparency.
  2. It decreases sweetness and increases fragrance. This is not a good choice for people who love heavy sweetness.

Pioneer Insider pros

  1. It supports MTL/RDL/DL vaping, which is extensive - Dreamland for vape savvy people. 
  2. Fully optimized fittings for tank bodies, which can fit perfectly into the BBBOX tanks
  3. To reduce condensation, use the bottom pad for condensation collection.
  4. Elegance is achieved by thread and air tightness.
  5. Perfect oil guide, multi-point oil guide holes newly opened.
  6. Very rich analysis and strong sense of layers
  7. It's still easy to make silk. This is great news for new vapers.

I found Pioneer Insider to be full of surprises.

First, the price is intuitively lower than the previous expensive BBBOX filmPioneer Insider is without doubt the most powerful competitor. It enhances the taste of sweetness and aroma. This is a qualitative shift. It is more concerned with the taste and layer change of the e-liquid.

The overall performance of Pioneer RTA is not significantly different structurally.

Actually, the atomizer can be used by a simple change in its airway and atomization chamber. It even surpasses the atomizer, I feel. This Pioneer Insider has been a huge success for me personally.

After using it for almost a week, I felt nothing.

This is great!

Where to BP Mods Pioneer Insider for $63.99

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